Using AMEEconnect with Heroku

Heroku LogoThe latest version of our AMEE rubygem now supports deployment to Heroku, making getting your AMEE powered apps online easier than ever.

In previous versions, you had to provide an amee.yml configuration file with credentials in it. Now, normally this sort of thing wouldn’t be in version control for security reasons, but that makes Heroku deployment awkward. However, now the gem supports loading credentials from environment variables as well as files, so you can do the following:

# deploy your app to heroku

git push heroku master

# Set up config variables

heroku config:add AMEE_USERNAME=username

heroku config:add AMEE_PASSWORD=password

heroku config:add

With those config variables set, your apps will spring into life just as if you’d provided an amee.yml file. Lovely!

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