Launching AMEE’s Greenhouse Gas Management App Suite!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of a new suite of applications to support the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG-P) reporting standards, the most widely used international accounting tool for greenhouse gas emissions.

Our new GHG Management App Suite, soon to cover ALL GHG-P Standards and GHG-P calculation tools including the recently released Corporate Value Chain Standard, makes this easier and more secure for corporate managers. Click here to view our demo!

AMEE GHG-P App Suite

Why have we done this? Currently, most companies use spreadsheets to calculate and manage emissions. This is dangerous and often leads to reporting errors! Would you manage your financial disclosure in a excel spreadsheet? Of course not, spreadsheets do not provide the security, user management, and audit records, not to mention automated controls to ensure accuracy. Environmental information should be treated just like financial information. AMEE’s apps solve this problem by providing the following key benefits:

  • Simple, Intuitive Interface: Anybody can get started easily with our clear guidance that makes apps more intuitive and easier to use than spreadsheets.
  • Realtime Calculation: Our apps are integrated with the AMEE platform so all calculations are immediate.
  • Collaboration: We enable collaboration across your organization by providing easy sharing and user permission controls.
  • Audit Trail: Every calculation is tied to source data so you can be confident your disclosure is audit ready.
  • Reporting: Built-in PDF reports with detailed information on calculations methods.
  • Accuracy: All apps are integrated and supported by AMEEsure, our quality assurance process, so you never have to spend time on data collection or quality assurance.
  • Version Control: Forget confusing versions – AMEE maintains all versions so you don’t have to worry about updates or ensuring consistency across your team.

All apps are supported by the award-winning AMEE Platform to ensure enterprise-grade, audit-ready security and data management. Using AMEE’s GHG Apps will enable you to efficiently collaborate across your organization, protect yourself from security risks, and rest assured that your reports are accurate.

The GHG-P has done a excellent job of outlining the path forward for business to report in a consistent and credible manner.

Now it is time to scale adoption from thousands of companies to millions! At AMEE we’re focused on using technology innovation to rapidly scale greenhouse gas and energy management. We leverage technology to make it easier for companies to manage sustainability information while ensuring accuracy and security of data and reports. Indeed, if you want to build your own app visit our Developer page where you can access our open-source easy-to-use AMEEappkit to quickly build scalable enterprise-grade applications.

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