Save money and over 30% of your carbon footprint with energy efficiency

With energy prices soaring, the pressure to introduce the energy saving measures is increasing. The UK Government today announced a new initiative “bringing together the industry, consumer groups and Ofgem for an energy summit that will focus on getting people the help they need to reduce their bills”.

From The Guardian, “The average fuel bill for UK households is now £1,345, according to the energy regulator Ofgem. This autumn has seen another round of price rises from the “big six” energy companies, and many of us are paying £300 more than we did this time last year.”

There are many ways to save energy, thousands of UK consumers are entitled to free home insulation through the Government’s Warm Front scheme. This can cut bills by £100 a year.  Upgrading your boiler, energy-efficient glazing and draught-proofing for windows can make a huge difference to both the comfort of your home and reduce your bills.

Of course, the additional benefit of using less energy is a massive CO2 saving!

How AMEE can help

Using AMEE, you can calculate how much Carbon you can save by adding insulation, and save hundreds of pounds in the process.

You can calculate the heating efficiency of adding insulation based on your house-type. I’ve just done a quick comparison between a 2-bedroom flat, built between 1930-1995, using electric heating, with and without insulation, based on the Defra standard.

Without insulation: 4,904 kg CO2 per year (that’s nearly 5 tonnes!)
(exact calculation)

With insulation, double-glazing and draft excluders: 3,133 kg CO2 per year
(exact calculation)

That’s a 36% saving! Given this is reducing your consumption, you should be able to save an similar amount on your energy bills (that could be hundreds of pounds per year).

 To do this calculation directly in AMEEdiscover, you need to use the embedded UK heating calculator

(I selected: Flat -> Electricity)

And then the heating type from
(I selected: Electricity -> modern storage heaters (slim line) )

For the developers out there, AMEEdiscover generates copy & paste code – so you can embed this calculation directly into your App straight away.



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