Homecamp 4

Homecamp LogoThis weekend in London, it’s time for Homecamp 4, a two-day unconference all about hacking your home to improve the way it uses energy. With contributors from Nanode, Pachube, OpenEnergyMonitor and more, it should be a great event.

Sign up online to get your tickets.

AMEE are sponsoring the event so it’s free to attend and we’ll also be presenting some of our own stuff. We’ll show how to build environmentally-aware webapps in minutes with AMEEappkit, how to destroy (and fix) the climate in Minecraft, and showing off a few other experiments that we still have under wraps for now. We’re offering free API access to attendees, so make sure you find James or Chris to get a promo code.

The AMEE dev team are thinking a lot about game mechanics for climate change awareness at the moment, so we’ll probably organise a group session on that if you fancy joining. There may be some practical research with Catan Oil Springs as well!

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