Why 30 Million Matters

Our growth is accelerating just as the challenges for our customers, policy makers, and planet are increasing.

I’m very excited to announce that this month AMEE surpassed 30 million calculations performed on our platform. What that means is that AMEE has provided 30 million answers to 30 Million environmental questions. That may seem like a big number to you. That may seem like a small number to others. Part of the significance is clear from the fact that we only recently surpassed the 25 million calculations — so we cruised by 30 million! What’s clear is:

Growth in calculation transactions on the AMEE platform and the underlying demand for environmental data that drives those calculations are both accelerating.

We anticipate that this growth will further accelerate for two main reasons:

1) The pressures on organisations to manage environmental information efficiently are evident and clearly increasing.

Recent regulation in the airline and shipping industries will create even more demand. Companies are also looking to become more resilient to resource security shocks both in their organisations and supply chains by improving intelligence, efficiency and performance. As consultancy McKinsey notes, a “Resource Revolution” is upon us.

2) We’re doing a number of things to deliver the intelligence businesses need — better, faster, cheaper.

  • Better service: We are making a whole host of improvements to the AMEE service ranging from a new platform release (v3- stay tuned @ameedev) to user experience, interface design and simplifying our API
  • More Demonstration: Late last year we launched AMEE Labs and its been a great success. Our integration with Minecraft, for example, has had over 28,000 views on Youtube since October. Labs are helping more users imagine solutions and engage with the data and platform.
  • Increased Engagement: We’re aggressively engaging key partners and hosting events which all benefit from our open source policy that eases collaboration. Our upcoming Hack Day is sure to deliver some great new creations and insight!

The challenges ahead for businesses are daunting. One thing that is inevitable is that the better information businesses have the better they will perform. AMEE is delivering that information in a efficient and useful way. That is why 30 million matters.

How do you think we could improve our service to make environmental information more accessible and useful for you? Feel free to comment or contact us.

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