Cleanweb Hackathon NYC

AMEE were proud to be sponsors of last weekend’s Cleanweb Hackathon in New York, so even though I was on the other site of the Atlantic, I thought I’d tune in for the presentations at the end. It looked like it had been a great event, with some really good results. These are my personal favourites:


EconofyA comparison shopping site for energy efficient appliances. By adding energy efficiency information to pricing and description from the Amazon API, it makes shopping for efficient appliances easy. Best of all, the demo included calculation of a payback period for the new appliances compared to your old one, showing simply that upgrading really does pay. One of the judges suggested that financing upgrades based on energy savings could be an interesting business model, which is of course at the heart of the forthcoming Green Deal here in the UK.

Automatic Wireless Thermostats

A hack that added automatic location detection to smart thermostats. When your smartphone leaves the house, it turns the heating down; when you come back, it goes up again. This is a really nice idea; truly smart (and efficient) homes won’t need to be told how to be efficient, they will work it out themselves using this sort of setup.


My overall favourite was this confrontational take on carbon footprinting. How do the rich and famous 1% compare to the rest of us when it comes to destroying the planet? Lots of fun data across various categories here. For instance, John Travolta’s transport footprint is 3896 times the average (but he does have his own 747).

It’s wonderful to see the creativity that comes out of these events being put to a good cause. I’m now really excited to see what we come up with at this weekend’s London Green Hackathon; I’m sure we can do even better!







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