Get Ready for the London Green Hackathon!

We’re all set for a great weekend and London’s largest ever sustainability hack event – The London Green Hackathon!

Over 120 participants

10 Fantastic Sponsors

Over 20 participating organizations

And Great prizes!

This will be the cleanweb London event of the year! Beyond the fun and learning our sponsors are also making it well worth your while by providing cash prizes!

  • Best Hack – £500
  • Innovation – £200
  • Built Environment – £200
  • Transparency – £200
  • Behavior Change – £200
  • Transport – £200
  • Visualisation – £200
  • PeopleFundIt – Free listing on crowdfunding site PeopleFundIt

If you haven’t grabbed you ticket yet get them while they last – only 29 left! We also have just released an additional 50 tickets for the presentation session only starting at 2:30 PM Sunday.

Make sure to visit the Hackathon website for more details and get ready for and exciting weekend of hacking for climate change, sustainability, energy and resources.

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