Innovation at the AMEE Green Hackathon

“Awesome” was the word used by the judges to describe the winner of the Innovation prize.

Having attended many hack events, I was very impressed by the extremely high quality of the output.


Over 130 people registered for AMEE’s first Green Hackathon, and around 100 participated over the weekend (including a hard-core of all-night coders).

Interestingly, this Hackathon wasn’t just for coders. We put a lot of effort into creating themes and bringing together domain knowledge about enviornmental sustainability with developer skills: some participants simply turned up with an idea, and found a coder to help them build it!

As a result, almost all of the hacks focussed on business problems, not consumer problems, and all focussed on the notion of CleanTech-meets-Web (also coined as CleanWeb in the USA).

We are extremely happy with the energy and outcomes produced, and hope to see at least one of the projects attempt to build out into a business. We are obviously also delighted that many of the winners and projects used AMEE as part of their solutions – we know from experience that hackdays are extremely unpredictable (in fact our own James Smith added an API to AskAMEE during the weekend so that it could be used more easily in one of the projects!)

Watch the videos here

Thank you everyone for your time, effort and, for our financial supporters, the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and our sponsors:

  • Gold: 

Autodesk, UCL Adances, and UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS)

  • Silver:

Amadeus Capital Partners, European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), Forum For the Future, ITOworld, Opower, Trucost, and 2degrees

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The Winners

The Hack Day judging panel selected winners based on the following categories:

Other Presentations

Everyone was excellent, but unfortunately not everyone can win! Here are the other hacks built over the weekend:

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