AMEEconnect v3 beta


Today we are announcing a beta version of the new AMEEconnect API.

This is a major new release and is the result of many months of work improving AMEEconnect to make it faster, more powerful and easier to use.

What’s new?

Improved performance

The speed and usability of the API have been greatly improved. Responses now come back quicker and are smaller and easier to understand. Tasks that used to require several API calls in v2 are now possible using a single v3 request.

Profileless calculations

Using v3 it is simple to perform calculations using a single request. Just send a GET request to the category you want to perform the calculation on, passing in the drill down and input values.

Drills instead of UIDs

To create a profile item in v3, simply send a POST request to /profiles/{PROFILE_UID}/items and pass in the category and drill down values. No data item UID’s required!

Full-text search and filtering

You can easily search data categories and items.

Concurrent versions

AMEEconnect version 3 now includes explicit versioning of the API in request URIs. This means you can develop your application against a specific version of the API and be confident that representations will not change.

Friendly URLs and lightweight representations

Version 3 has a more logical and consistent URI scheme. By default most responses are very minimal but full representations are still available.

Rich validation responses

Validation responses are now more detailed and include an error code, descriptive message and the field name that is in error. They also include the invalid data that was submitted.


The v3 beta is available at Your existing v2 AMEEconnect credentials are valid for v3. If you don’t already have an account, you can get a login at

What about v2?

Version 2 of the AMEEconnect API is still where it has always been and that is not going to change any time soon. Even when version 3 is released to live version 2 will still be supported.

More information

We will be exploring these features in more detail in future posts but if you want to try it out now the quick start guide is at Full documentation is also available.

Remember that version 3 is a beta release and we don’t recommend you use it in production just yet as some functionality may be subject to change.

Over the coming weeks improvements and new features will be added to the beta so keep an eye on this blog for announcements.

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