amee’s new approach to environmental business intelligence

amee was founded in 2008 to fight climate change by helping businesses and governments leverage data on a mass scale to easily measure their environmental impact. Our name  Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine stated clearly our mission focus to help organisations mitigate and adapt to climate change. Four years on the spectre of climate change is no less and the need for businesses and governments to adapt has never been greater. Amee’s focus remains on helping such businesses cope with this new reality yet our approach is now more sophisticated, scalable, and impactful for our community, clients and planet.

Our new approach with amee profiles and amee score applies lessons from credit scoring while leveraging open, big data to establish the environmental standard for assessing and strengthen business efficiency and resilience.

The Challenge

It does not take an expert to recognise that businesses face an increasingly volatile and challenging operating environment – particularly as it relates to environmental resources and associated policy. This new reality is driven by fluctuating energy prices, new legislation such as the UK’s carbon tax, disruptions from increasingly common natural events such as floods, drought and storms, as well as increasing demands from consumers and investors for sustainability disclosure.  


  Businesses, more than ever, must strengthen their focus on environmental efficiency and resilience in order to compete, thrive and survive.  

Our Solution

The deep insight we have gained over the last few years aggregating the world’s environmental data has provided unique insight into this reality and the challenges businesses face. We have now enhanced that insight by aggregating and analysing detailed company data. We bring this together to provide transparent insight into disclosure, competitive standing and opportunities to increase efficiency and resilience for companies and their supply chains. Specifically, we focus on delivering the following key benefits to our users and clients:

  1. Quickly Assess and Compare Companies: Update your score and compare with peers to assess your performance;
  2. Report Efficiently: Efficiently report in one place to various stakeholders including customers, colleagues, investors, and regulators;
  3. Discover efficiency opportunities: Discover opportunities to improve efficiency and environmental impact in your business and supply chain;
  4. Identify and Mitigate Risk: Identify key risks to mitigate in order to strengthen your business performance and reduce exposure to volatility, inefficiency and disruption in your business and supply chain; 


What’s Next

Over the next few months you will see a massive amount of new data we’ll be adding to support the scores and company profiles. We are at the beginning of an important journey to help businesses become more environmental efficient…and therefore more profitable using real, tangible and actionable information. We will continuously work to enhance the user experience as we deliver new functionality and data to help businesses more quickly and efficiently assess performance, report to stakeholders and improve efficiency and resilience. 

amee remains committed to our original mission we set out 4 years ago. We have now found a more powerful, tangible, and high impact we to avoid mass extinctions… one organisation at a time.

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