Happy new year from amee, and opening the call for more testers

Last year, we ran a few product testing sessions for a new online supply chain analytics and reporting product inside amee, where we paid our testers a small fee for their time and insight. We’re running some more in the new year.

Testing the product as we build it

From October onwards, we’ve been running monthly testing sessions where we ask a few nice people to:

  1. come into our offices in East London to use the private beta versions of amee.com 
  2. perform a few tasks, like look up companies, update profiles and so on
  3. tell us what they think as they’re using the site

In return for their thoughts and time (they usually take between 45 minutes to an hour), we offer them a sum of £100, or in some cases, we make a donation of the same amount to a charity of their choice.

This feedback from these user has always been invaluable, and we’re continuing these sessions into 2013.

Spend some time with us in January

We’re setting aside a few days later this month for these sessions, January 21st through to Jan 25th.

As before, we’re looking for a few specific kinds of people, to run these sessions with.

So if these sound like you, we’d love to chat:

1) CSR professionals working in medium to large companies

You work in medium to large (500 + employees) companies in a CSR capacity, have an overall responsibility for understanding a company’s environmental footprint, and for reporting its emissions.

2) General managers working in SMEs with more than 30 people in them

You  don’t have deep experience with sustainability, but have been responsible for filling out paperwork for joining preferred supplier lists, and having to explain your company’s green credentials before.

Ideally you work in a general management position in a company of between 30 – 500 employees, and this kind of work sometimes ends up on your desk.

3) Environmentally minded SME founders

You are the founder of a small-medium size (less than 500 employees) company and are using sustainability as a differentiating factor when selling your products or services. 

You’ve been in business a few years, and have a background working outside of sustainability before setting up your most recent company.

Sound like you, and free in January?

We’ve covered this in more detail in a previous post, but to recap, these sessions usually involve:

  1. a short conversation about your company, the problem we think we’re solving for customers, and the solution we’ve come up with
  2. a run-through of what we’ve built so far, to check that it’s usable and can be easily understood by people using it.
These aren’t sales demos – our product is still being built, and our goal is learning as much as we can, not selling.
We usually run these at our offices in Old Street, but time allowing, we can come to your offices too if need be.


How to sign up

If you think this is interesting and you think you sound like one of the three people above, send an email to chris.adams@amee.com, mentioning this blog post.

We’ll follow up, to book a time later in the month.

Happy new year!

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