My Generation’s Legacy

My mother was born on 28 October 1929. The next day the New York Stock Exchange crashed resulting in the Great Depression. It led to a decade of extreme economic hardship and ultimately World War II. 

Although I tease my mother about what caused the great crash, I pause to reflect on how this event resulted in a generational attitude of not living beyond ones means and leaving the next generation better off than the last.

My generation, however, is not leaving a legacy of prudence and discipline, rather one of huge debt, unaffordable entitlements and climate change….to name a few.

You only need to open the newspaper to see that governments around the world are struggling to find a solution to deal with massive debts.

With one eye on the next election politicians often avoid long-term, equitable solutions and leave the burden for the next generation, as can be seen with pension reform. Another such issue is climate change.

My view is that we are consuming a finite resource (our environment) and that we are essentially taxing the next generation because they will need to deal with the resulting costs.

In other words, despite the scientific evidence behind the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, my generation has effectively decided to ignore the costs and leave it to subsequent generations to pay for our consumption of the environment.

My children will confront higher insurance premiums, higher commodity costs, and more environmental/economic uncertainty.

I do not pretend that I can make a massive impact on this global issue, but if I can leverage data management and analytics to help bring transparent, consistent and widely available environmental insight to businesses, maybe I can help have a small positive impact.     

I really believe that we are on to something important and hugely significant at amee. In the next few days we will launch our ameeProfile and ameeScore. 

This will expose emissions data and show comparisons on EVERY trading business in the UK, something that has never been done. 

By presenting this information in a consistent and transparent way, I believe that we can help businesses better understand and address environmental issues.  

amee’s mission is to make credible environmental data on every organisation in the world easily accessible, comparable, and useful. We believe that providing free access to this information will enable businesses, governments and consumers to make better decisions about the use of our planet’s resources.


Tim Murphy is CEO of amee

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