amee Releases its First Sustainability Report

Being open and upfront with data is at the core of our business model, which is why we’re publishing details about our own environmental performance.

Transparency is an essential part of improving the relationship with a range of stakeholders throughout the supply chain. By collecting and analysing data regarding our environmental impact we are making a conscious effort to achieve this.

Our first-ever sustainability report is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard, which splits emissions into three categories or ‘Scopes’.

Scope 1 are emissions from on-site energy consumption, like a gas boiler. Scope 2 are emissions from the UK’s electricity grid, which in 2011 had an average of 520g CO2/kWh. Scope 3 are all the other emissions that the organisation is responsible for, like staff travel and waste disposal.

In the financial year 2011/12 amee’s Scope 1 emissions were 1.56 tonnes of CO2, which came entirely from a gas boiler in our Glasgow office. The good news is that our next sustainability report should have far fewer Scope 1 emissions, as we’re focusing all our operations at our London office. 

Our total Scope 2 emissions were 7.48 tonnes of CO2. To put this in context, an average UK home is responsible for 4.5 tonnes CO2 per year. This isn’t a bad start considering that amee has over 15 employees.

For Scope 3 we measured emissions from our transport use, like flights and train journeys (next time we hope to include other details such as waste). These came to 11.55 tonnes of CO2, and like most UK businesses formed the greatest part of our emissions.

However, by significantly cutting down our transatlantic flights, which come in at 1.2 tonnes of CO2 each, we hope this will be much lower next year.  

Along with continual energy efficiency improvements in our office we hope to serve as an example for other UK businesses. Be sure to read the full report for more details.

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