amee Submits Response to Government Consultation

Today amee submitted its response to the UK Government’s consultation on the Information Economy Strategy, which will be published in May this year.

The government rightly recognises that the ‘information economy’ (loosely defined as a range of digital technologies and information streams) will be central to the UK’s economic growth in the coming decades.

Our key points for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills are:

  • The concept of sustainability and climate change should be incorporated into the Information Economy Strategy. Utilising environmental ‘big data’ from millions of businesses and organisations will enable the UK to make great progress in more efficient use of the planet’s resources.
  • The government should encourage businesses to partake in these efficiency gains by promoting enabling technologies and online networks.
  • The information economy should be used as an opportunity to drive SMEs’ ability to compete against larger corporations. The innovative nature of ICT-orientated SMEs makes them naturally suited to this.
  • The government should make every effort to encourage and promote an innovative ICT sector. This includes ensuring that programming, statistics and computer science are central to UK education and providing tax breaks for certain business investments.
  • Government departments should lead by example in terms of reporting environmental data in a comprehensive and transparent manner. They should also make wider use of SMEs in their own procurement.

Read the full response here.

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