CloudApps and amee Partner to Improve Supply Chain Sustainability Management

We are pleased to announce our partnership with CloudApps, the cloud-based platform that drives continuous improvement in business performance. 

We have fully integrated CloudApps’ Sustainability Suite with our environmental performance and benchmarking system for 2.1 million businesses and organisations in the UK.

This will help our users in three ways:

  1. By providing a cost effective way to assess an organisation’s entire supply chain.
  2. By allowing organisations to obtain benchmark information about themselves and compare results to their industry peers. This helps them to determine what they need to do to make their business more efficient, take a leadership position and reduce costs.
  3. By allowing organisations to manage their own ameeProfile directly from within CloudApps Sustainability Suite, bringing the precise environmental operational accounting data from CloudApps together with the amee company profile data.

Tim Murphy, amee CEO, said: “At amee, we want to give our community access to fast, accurate information on companies’ emissions and energy intensity. CloudApps helps us in this process by adding further insight into a company’s supply chain.

As a partnership, we believe our services and the data they provide will enable companies to share, compare, update and learn from the largest single source of free environmental business data available today”.

Peter Grant, CloudApps CEO, said: “Good brand image has the influence to alter buying choices. Therefore, transparent data on corporate sustainability is essential in modern, successful businesses. CloudApps is delighted to be working alongside amee to encourage businesses to ramp up their sustainability credentials, especially towards their supply chain, in tandem with increasing business efficiency and performance. 

Being ranked alongside rival organisations will help businesses to measure and develop their sustainability performance and encourage them to drive efficiencies beyond carbon reporting”.

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Press Release

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