PWC Global Supply Chain Survey

Here are the headline figures from a new PWC survey of over 500 international executives in a range of different industries

Supply chains are increasingly interconnected. Can they be made increasingly sustainable too?


  • 42% say sustainability is highly important in the supply chain, of which
    • 87% are prioritising the optimisation of their internal carbon footprint
    • 87% say it’s best to reach an agreement with suppliers on adhering to the highest ethical standards
    • 81% favour collaborating with their suppliers to create a responsible supply chain footprint and procurement framework
    • 58% believe integrated risk management is very important
    • 55% identify peer cooperation and strategic alliances as necessary
  • 67% of pharmaceuticals say sustainability is a key value driver


  • Only 45% view the supply chain as a strategic asset
  • Only 9% say their supply chain is helping them outperform their peers
  • Only 38% of industrial products companies see sustainability as important

You can read the full report here

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