Credit Reports and Companies House Documents now available on


At amee we believe it’s vital to combine environmental and financial data so that consumers, investors and business leaders are empowered to make informed decisions about the risks that every business faces.

That’s why amee is now offering Credit Reports and Companies House documents on every business in the UK.

Credit Reports can be bought via Experian for about £6 – the most competitively priced reports in the UK! – and we’ll soon offer business information from other suppliers too.

Companies House documents, including Accounts and Annual Returns, are also now available. They cost only 54p+VAT compared to £1 from Companies House Direct.

Both Credit Reports and Companies House documents can be easily accessed via a company’s ameeProfile, where users can also find a company’s annual revenue, number of employees and environmental data for free.

This ability to access both financial and environmental data for free on every company in the UK (both corporates and non-corporates) is unique to amee, meaning that is now the go-to site for business information and for searching risk on customers and suppliers.

Free and open access to financial and environmental data has never been more important as it identifies business risk and ensures that businesses are financially secure in the long-term.

amee believes that this is a service which will drive additional trade and accelerate sustainable growth in the UK economy.

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