Wednesday Showcase: Brora

Each Wednesday we showcase a company which shows a strong environmental or financial performance. This week we’ve chosen Brora, the Scottish designer and manufacturer of cashmere clothing.


Celebrating its 20th anniversary and a history of steady growth in the volatile world of fashion, Brora is an excellent example of how minimising both environmental and financial risk can offer real benefits to a company.

Brora’s excellent amee Environmental Score of 84 reflects its commitment to sustainability, as does the care the company takes to maintain an ethical and sustainable supply chain when sourcing cashmere from Mongolia.

By establishing long-term relationships with its suppliers and buying fibres from the same farms for many years, Brora ensures complete oversight of its supply chain as well as happy and cooperative suppliers.

Brora is also “Proud to be British” and continues to make the overwhelming majority of its products (including all its cashmere) in Britain.

The fact that Brora is aware of every process and component in its supply chain has enabled the company to produce an online story following the manufacturing process throughout each stage.

Brora’s growth has occurred in a steady, organic way rather than being pushed too fast on the back of high borrowing, as is clearly demonstrated by its excellent Financial Score of 5. With 20 years of trading behind it, the company is flourishing with an annual turnover of £17 million.

Whilst Brora is outside the ‘fast fashion’ market, it is not outside fashion itself, and remains a firm favourite with exciting designers such as Louise Gray and Michael van der Ham.

The company advocates a more sustainable consumer attitude of buying fewer, better quality products – a message that the rest of the fashion world could do well to take on board.

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