Who’s Reporting their Carbon Footprint in the UK?

We’ve launched a new free tool to help you discover which companies are reporting their carbon emissions and how various geographic regions and industries compare. With new legislation requiring all UK companies on the London Stock Exchange to report their greenhouse gas emissions fast approaching, this tool will help investors, regulators, consumers and the companies themselves know where they stand.

Disclosure 2

To implement this tool we continuously track data collected in the public domain and reported on amee.com. We’ve provided an interactive map and industry filters to help people explore the data more easily and find a specific company.  

For example, to find out which manufacturing firms in the East Midlands have reported their emissions simply click on the appropriate part of the map and then filter by industry. Alternatively you can search by industry sector first and then filter by region.

In this particular subset there are 22 companies, of which the five with the best ameeScore (a unique measure of environmental efficiency) are listed below:


Company ameeScore
1. Havelock Europa 90
2. Eurocell Profiles 88
3. Lubrizol 73
4. Weetabix 73
5. Swizzels Matlow 70

Unique Insight

The free tool can be used to gain insight into a wide range of companies which disclose emissions, for example Transportation companies in Scotland, Financial and Insurance companies in the Southeast, or Construction companies in Wales.  

In addition to carbon emissions, users can also obtain a range of other business information such as financial credit scores, environmental ratings, and basic company information like revenue, address and employee count by clicking through to an individual company profile. This gives users a much more comprehensive picture about which companies disclose their emissions.

1,300 UK Disclosures

The tool includes almost 1,300 UK companies which currently disclose their emissions. The map is also colour-coded, showing  regions of the country with the highest and lowest number of reporting companies. 

The region with the most reporting companies is London with 370, while the industry sector with the highest number of reporting companies is Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities, with 294 disclosures. This sector includes a range of engineering companies, consultancies and auditors.   

Updated in Real Time

The tool is updated in real time so users will be able to gain immediate insight into the disclosure landscape as more and more companies report their carbon emissions.

It will be especially interesting to track how the number and type of companies changes when mandatory legislation comes into effect. And with ever more smaller companies recognising the benefits of voluntary reporting we can expect some considerable changes in the coming months and years. 

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