Search the Largest Database of Sustainability Case Studies in the World

amee’s latest feature enables users to search for hundreds of sustainability case studies

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How to Use

Simply search by company name, industry or best practice topic to discover the real actions that are being taken to improve the sustainability of businesses across the world.

For example, by searching for ‘Waste’ you can access a number of case studies ranging from Starbucks’ introduction of reusable cups to Compass Group’s Trim Trax initiative eliminating food waste.

Or search for best practice topics like ‘Supply Chain’, ‘Clean Energy’ and ‘Employee Engagement’ to read case studies covering anything from Toyota’s low-carbon fork lift trucks to voltage optimisation at Morrisons.

Easy access to so many case studies in one place is a great new feature and demonstrates how amee is helping to share environmental best practice.

It also takes amee one step closer to being the go-to business directory where users can access an unparallelled level of business information relating to risk.    

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