Are Businesses really interested in Sustainability?

We’ve analysed 125 companies which have updated their company profiles since the launch of our unique Wikipedia-style business directory earlier this summer to see which companies really are engaging with the sustainability agenda.

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Key Findings

 - Both large companies (47%) and SMEs (53%) have updated their profiles

 - There was a broad geographical spread

 - 30% of those analysed are ICT and Communications companies

Companies by UK Region

Graph 1b

The companies which have thus far updated their profiles represent a broad spectrum of the UK business landscape, suggesting that the benefits of publicly disclosing information about a company’s environmental performance are being recognised by a variety of businesses.

While the majority of companies are located in London, there is also a wide distribution across the rest of the UK, which shows that amee’s message is reaching all parts of the country.

In time, we want to expand our offering to international markets too so that amee can truly quantify the full impact of global supply chains.

Companies by Industry Sector

Graph 2

Almost a third of the companies which have updated are in the ICT or Communications industries, including web design agencies like RedWeb, software publishers like Unilink Software, and outsourcing providers like Harvey Nash.

The high engagement from such companies is interesting and possibly indicates their overall strong online presence and their recognition of the importance of transparency.

Significant contributions also came from Retail, Legal and Consultancy, and Manufacturing companies, indicating that even industries with typically large carbon footprints are keen to disclose their emissions to the public via amee.

Companies by Size

Graph 3

Over 50% of companies which have updated can be classified as SMEs, indicating that amee is an attractive option for smaller businesses which do not have the resources to engage in complex sustainability reporting as required by organisations like the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

47% of companies analysed are classified as large businesses, which really shows that companies of all sizes are interested in making their environmental performance publicly available. Large companies have often estimated this data already and so are keen to make it as accessible as possible data.

Making Progress

amee CEO Tim Murphy commented: “It’s promising that both large and small companies are recognising the benefits of amee’s free platform which allows small companies to report their performance in a way that was not previously possible.

Many large corporations already make significant savings and efficiencies by implementing sustainable business practices and it makes sense for SMEs to follow their lead.

Additionally, big organisations are increasingly asking their existing and potential suppliers what they are doing on sustainability – so it has never been more important for SMEs to start engaging.”

On the back of this impressive response from UK businesses we are keen to reach out to organisations in the wider business world and highlight the business case for sustainability. As awareness of its importance increases, environmental scoring is likely to eventually become as commonplace as credit scoring.


We also asked some of those companies which have updated their profiles why they got involved:

Alice Doyle, CEO Hemihelp (UK charity): “We are a small charity and felt that our ameeProfile could be useful when making funding applications, to demonstrate that we are an efficient, environmentally friendly and low-carbon organisation.”

Steve Robinson, Director, Clarke Robinson & Co. (Independent Financial Advisors): “Businesses should be doing everything possible to preserve the environment, and I think amee both encourages and demonstrates that. We do everything we can in our office to reduce our carbon footprint, from using the most energy-efficient computers to using all-LED light bulbs, so we’re glad to see companies like amee prioritising that behaviour in business.”

Ben Ausden, Line Digital Ltd (Creative Digital Agency): “amee provides really interesting information and it is useful for businesses and the public to have access to it so easily. By simply using electricity bills it is easy to update your own profile, even if you haven’t kept careful track of all your carbon emissions.”

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