New Industry Leaderboard Feature on amee

We’ve launched a new feature to give users greater insight into the companies that are addressing financial and environmental risk.

On every company profile we’ve added an ‘Industry Leaders’ button and a ’1-2-3′ icon:

These buttons take users to a webpage listing the Top 10 Corporates and Top 10 SMEs in the same industry as that company (see below).

The ranking is determined by a combination of environmental and financial scores. Where there are ties between companies we have used an intensity metric (emissions / revenue) to determine the ranking.



This new feature demonstrates amee’s fundamental belief that environmental and financial data must be considered together if true advances in the sustainability agenda are to be made. It also shows our commitment to making this information transparent and easily accessible.

In total there are 18 leaderboards, which are based on the different sections in the 2007 UK Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC). They include industries such as Real Estate, Construction and Water Supply.

In time we hope to increase the number of industry leaderboards so that companies are increasingly compared to their closest peers and competitors. 

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