The Mystery of Increasing Carbon Disclosure

Carbon reporting is a hot topic at the moment – but why?

In part it’s due to increasing legislation, for example the rules which came into effect on 1st October requiring around 1,100 of the UK’s largest companies to report their annual carbon emissions.

Growing pressure from investors has also resulted in a steady increase in the number of companies responding to the CDP’s annual survey investigating emissions disclosure. Over 4,100 did this in 2012.

Meanwhile amee itself has been contacted by many SMEs which are keen to report their carbon footprint and demonstrate their commitment to transparent business practice.  

Other Worldly Events

But can factors such as the increase of legislation, pressure from investors and the rise in ethical consumerism suitably explain the increase in carbon disclosure?

Or is there a more mysterious link to ‘other worldly events’?! amee has designed an infographic which investigates: 

InfoG cropped

For example, did large companies notice that as more of them disclosed their carbon emissions, infant mortality rate among the under 5s went down too.

After all, we are constantly reminded by the media that the causes and consequences of climate change are uncertain. 

Click on the image to see the full infographic and more bizarre correlations. 

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