UK SMEs in Good Financial Position but Must Remain Vigilant

By looking at the Financial Scores of almost 1.7 million SMEs in the UK, our data suggests that while the majority are in good financial health, challenges remain for a significant number of micro businesses.    


  • 79% of small businesses and 87% of medium-sized businesses have a very good or excellent Financial Score
  • Almost a third of micro businesses have a poor Financial Score

Results in full

Based on 12,340 companies with 50 – 249 employees and revenue between £8.2m and £41m

Based on 38,198 companies with 10 – 49 employees and revenue between £1.7m and £8.2m

Based on 1,624,534 companies with 0 – 9 employees and revenue under £1.7m

Financial Scores are based on company financial performance and repayment behaviour characteristics as calculated by Experian

SME definitions are based on those by the European Commission.

Know your Score

amee wants to make it easy for all businesses, especially SMEs, to know how they are being seen by credit agencies, which is why our Financial Score is free to view online.

Access to credit is an essential part of doing business and no business can afford to be ignorant of their credit rating.

Research carried out in 2011, for example, revealed that 61% of UK SMEs have never checked their own credit score while 39% did not even know what one is.

Our analysis lends support to the notion that micro businesses in particular need to take steps to be on top of their credit rating.

As Professor Russel Griggs, the former head of the CBI’s small business council, said in April:

“A lot of people don’t realise that in micro businesses, it’s you being judged, not the business. Your credit history as a consumer is actually as important as your business plan.”  

Check your Score today

Search for your company on to find out your company’s Financial Score for free. 

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