Women Remain Underrepresented in Top German Firms

According to a new study of the top-30 German companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (DAX), only a fifth of board members are female.

bagel trah

Simone Bagel-Trah: Chairwomen of Henkel’s Board of Directors

Although the overall number of female board members has increased a little from last year, it remains significantly below the EU Commission’s suggested target of 40%. 

Only one company – the German manufacturer Henkel led by Simone Bagel-Trah – currently meets this target. The the next closest company is Deutsche Telekom, whose board is 35% female. 

The study reveals that just 101 of the current 488 board members in Germany’s top firms are women.

The situation in the next tier of German companies (the MDAX) is even worse, with only 16.8% of board positions occupied by a woman.  

On Monday the European Parliament voted in favour of draft legislation which would enforce the 40% quota by 2020 – a motion which the UK Government opposed

23% of the FTSE 100′s non-executive directors are women, a figure which falls to 18% in the FTSE 250. 

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