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amee is the only business directory where you can find financial, environmental and other business information on every company in the UK – entirely for free. 


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Data Origins

To provide information on so many companies we aggregate data from a wide range of sources.

These include business information providers Experian and Dun & Bradstreet, the government’s executive agency Companies House, partners such as Open Corporates, as well as a range of publicly available sources like the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

In addition to data aggregation we use sophisticated statistical models akin to credit scoring to estimate information such as carbon emissions, assuming a company hasn’t already reported this. 

We are constantly updating our data as it becomes available via different sources to fulfill our goal of providing trusted, accurate business information whilst adhering to our founding principles of open data.  


As with all large data sets and statistical models, however, there can be errors. 

That’s why we use a Wikipedia-style approach where company employees can change the data that we hold on their business if they believe that it’s incorrect. 

It’s called crowdsourcing and is a principle that’s already made big changes in the financial world, as demonstrated by the growing number of successful crowdfunding organisations like Kickstarter and Trillion Fund

This revolutionary approach to sourcing business information makes full use of the power of the Internet and challenges conventional ways of obtaining data.

Combining Financial and Environmental 

One of the key features of amee is to bring financial and environmental data together.

The days of the stand-alone CSR report are numbered, not only because it has been too-often abused by marketing departments trying to greenwash consumers, but also because its separation from the annual report – or the report that matters as some might say – fails to give environmental data the high profile that it needs and deserves.

By bringing these two streams of data together amee is helping to rectify this problem.  

A handful of the most forward-thinking companies are doing this already but more must follow if they are to prosper in a rapidly changing world. 

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