What Do You Get For a Tonne of Carbon?

carbon shop sample

Reading about carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions will be familiar to anyone interested in topics like energy, environment and corporate responsibility.

Footprints range from an average home (about 4.5 tonnes CO2e per year) to multinational companies like Manchester United (over 8,000 tonnes) and even countries like China (almost 8 billion tonnes in 2011).  

But the meaning of these numbers can often get lost.

Footprinting activities

That’s why we’ve come up with some activities which result in 1 tonne of carbon emissions.

Although different fuels emit different levels of greenhouse gases, in general the infographic shows that if you end up with a tonne of carbon pollution you will have burnt a lot of energy. In other words 1 tonne of carbon is a lot!   

That makes you wonder when critics denounce Government legislation which requires certain large businesses to pay for every tonne of carbon that they emit – £12 in the case of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and £16 for the Carbon Floor Price.

Surely, at least in principle, the resulting environmental damage from all these many thousands tonnes of carbon merits these fairly light financial penalties?

Either way, we hope this infographic gives you a better feel for what 1 tonne of carbon actually means.

View the full infographic here

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