3 Big New Things at AMEE

We’ve been hard at work in 2014 and I’m thrilled to announce some new key developments at AMEE. These changes help us respond to the fast growing interest we’ve had from businesses these past few months. Here are 3 key developments but we’ll be unveiling some more product developments soon so check out below, stay tuned, and contact us to let us know what you think!

AMEE for Supply Chain Insight

SRM_dash_wideWe successfully delivered our new AMEE Supply Chain Manager product, which makes it incredibly easy to assess and manage the environmental & financial performance of your supply chain — no matter how big or small. We believe that, amidst growing economic and environmental volatile, such insight and management tools are indispensable. Our clients are already collectively managing tens of thousands of suppliers on whom they spend +£100 billion through AMEE to increase resource efficiency, mitigate risk, and enhance collaboration to achieve supply chain performance goals.

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New Design and Brand


We’ve completely overhauled the design of our site and our brand to make it more accessible and better communicate what AMEE is about and what we do. On the brand we’ve returned back to our roots with a logo similar to the one we had when AMEE started out. We hope you like the changes and they make it easier for you to find and understand the information you need. 

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Companies House Data and New Infrastructure






We’ve greatly enhanced our tech stack & data processes to enable faster data aggregation and integration. Already we’re seeing the benefits as we just integrated core data on over 2.7 million companies from Companies House and combined it with our other data sources, including company details and financial scores from Experian. We have also now focused the scope of AMEE to registered UK companies and their foreign parent companies — though we will soon expand beyond the UK. As before, any company can request a new profile to be created and we can automatically create a profile for foreign suppliers to our clients.

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These new updates are helping us enable a faster and more intuitive service and continuously improve our data quality and the insights we deliver to you — our users and clients. These developments will further help us  stay ahead of the high growth and accelerating demand we’ve seen these past months.   

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