Press Release: New AMEE Engagement With The Foreign and Commonwealth Office

We are proud to announce the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), as a new client. The FCO is a government department which promotes the United Kingdom’s interests overseas, supporting our citizens and businesses around the globe.


AMEE is helping the FCO fulfill supply chain reporting requirements as mandated by Central Government. A top priority for the FCO has been to clearly identify and report on the proportion of small-to-medium sized businesses in the supply chain.


Key Outcomes

AMEE’s supply chain services have enabled the FCO to collect and analyse supply chain data in a quick and robust way.


“AMEE has helped us reduce the time and money we spend on reporting while providing new clarity and insight into our supply chain”said Michelle St. Clair, Corporate Procurement Group


Key benefits for the FCO include the following:

  • Reduced time collecting and organising supplier data

  • Easy integration with existing software tools

  • New data to augment supply chain insight

  • Robust data analysis across all suppliers to ensure accurate reporting


The AMEE Platform, encompassing data on over 3.4 million and international companies, enables AMEE customers to easily and quickly assess, report on and monitor risk and performance across their entire supply chain. Whether it is a few hundred or tens of thousands of companies, our software tools and data services help business gain new insight across their supply chain.


“We are proud to welcome the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a new client. Through our partnership we aim to bring greater awareness to decision making, towards strengthening FCO’s supply chain insight and understanding” 

said, Tyler Christie, AMEE’s CEO.



Learn More About AMEE Supply Chain Services

AMEE’s “Supply Chain Manager” software and data services provide quick, cost effective insight into your supply chain to identify risk, reduce cost, and improve sustainability. To find out more click here.


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