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August 15, 2014

Sustainable Innovations
Innovative approaches to reduce costs and improve sustainability

Make the world a better place

Google has announced the finalists of 2014′s Google Science Fair. The list consists of 15 impressive teenage inventions with the potential to change the world. Among them is a device that produces both clean water and energy.   
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What will citizen innovators of the future need?

“ What might sustainable lifestyle look like in Europe over the coming decades and how can we enable the radical shifts that are needed to make the transitions? Forum for the Future shares latest findings from the EU-Innovate Project on supporting innovation for sustainable lifestyles.
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Smart gadget, socially responsible

Fairphone is a cool tech idea. Victoria Knowles editor at 2degrees, chats with Fairphone CEO, Bans van Abel, about why the phone itself shouldn’t be the focus of the conversation. “ It should be about supply chain sustainability. ”  
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Low-Carbon Cereal: Kellogg’s

Food giant changes its policy, calling on suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and publish carbon footprint. Maria Gallucci at International Business Times, says this was a result of Oxfam International’s Behind the Brands campaign
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This Week’s Movers on AMEE

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