New Climate Resilience Data from the ND-Gain Index Live via our API!

We’re excited to announce today that we have launched an API to automate machine-readable access to global climate resilience data by country. We have used open data from Notre Dame University’s Global Adaptation Index (ND-Gain), a leading index that maps out climate change risks to help organisations better understand the impacts of climate change.

Why is this important?

By integrating this data into AMEE and making accessible via our API we hope to make this data even more useful and used on its own but also in combination with the business data in AMEE such a risk scores, carbon emissions and company financials. We believe easy access to such data will be vital as businesses experience an increasing incidence of climate change impacts. 

What you can do?

You can now easily access this data and integrate it into your application – whether you are mapping out new development sites, corporate locations, or supply chain or other use cases. Simply put the address or just a country code and you will get the ND-Gain scores and data back. 

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More about the ND-Gain Index

The ND-GAIN Index is a navigation tool that helps corporate and development leaders manage risks exacerbated by climate change such as over-crowding, food insecurity, inadequate infrastructure and civil conflicts. The Index shows a country’s level of vulnerability, and the readiness of a country to successfully implement adaptation solutions. The tool is free and open-source.

Using over 15 years of data, across 50 variables, ND-GAIN ranks over 175 countries annually based on how vulnerable they are to droughts, super-storms and other natural disasters and, uniquely, how ready they are to successfully implement adaptation solutions.

Check out this overview video on Youtube here: 

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