Are You Prepared For The Wet Season?

Water risk from flooding and drought impacts tens of thousands of businesses across the UK. AMEE can help you quickly assess these risks and take action to protect your business.



Thousands of small businesses face flood risk

Flooding across the UK in the past few years has taken a significant economic toll just as the economic recovery is gathering steam. Our recent study found over 252,000 businesses at risk, including over 118,000 with financial risk making them very vulnerable to economic shocks…   Read More.



Flood Risk Score

Weather is only of the leading causes of disruption for businesses and their supply chains. It can take weeks to recover during which business will suffer. AMEE makes it easy to assess flood risk for your business and supplier in advance and monitor through our automated flood alerts. Simply “follow” a company to get started. 
Check your company and your suppliers




Drought Risk Score

We’re excited to launch a new drought risk score today! Thousands of UK businesses face drought risk and its becoming more common due to volatile weather. Drought can disrupt livestock, crops, production of fibres and sanitation while growing regulations may impact more businesses. Our score helps you stay on top of this risk and protect your business.  
Check your company and your suppliers

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