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New Feature: AMEE Badges

We recently launched AMEE Badges to help businesses market their performance and compliance certifications and help buyers easily identify responsible suppliers. We’ve received some great feedback and engagement as companies use AMEE badges to win business and make better buying decisions. 

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New Client: SSE Supply Chain

SSE, one of the largest UK utilities, selected AMEE Monitor to drive its Responsible Buyer initiative for improving sustainability across its supply chain. The multi-year engagement will empower SSE’s procurement team with data and tools to make more responsible supplier selections, efficiently review supply chain performance, and enhance collaboration across their organisation.  

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Client Growth: The Carlyle Group

The Carlyle Group has once again selected AMEE to manage its CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme compliance for 2014-15. As CRC enters Phase II and impacts more companies Carlyle has found increasing benefit in the automated reporting and collaboration features we provide as we aggregate, analyse and manage data from thousands of sites across the Carlyle portfolio.

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AMEE Insights: Government Supply Chain

Last month we integrated all UK Central Government open spend data for 2013-14 into AMEE and created a dedicated public portal using AMEE Monitor. The data and resulting insights covering £44B in spend are all public at the department and individual supplier level. We anticipate this transparency and the insight it provides, such as identifying £844M spent on high financial risk suppliers, will help Government create a more sustainable and resilient supply chain. We’re in discussion with the Cabinet Office on that so stay tuned!

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