Sustainable Innovations

Innovative approaches to improve sustainability



Quantifying global interest in a sustainable food system

It’s not shocking that research by National Geographic and GlobeScan shows that consumers care deeply about the food they eat and about how it is produced. More troubling is that most feel alienated from the food system.




Who are really Australia’s top climate polluters?

Environment group the Australian Conservation Foundation released a top ten list yesterday. Now as any human of the internet age knows, lists of things are almost as difficult to ignore as compilations of cats falling off furniture or GIFs of baby elephants. Sadly, the ACF’s list isn’t as much fun.




Toxic smog from Europe blocking solar eclipse explained.

A cloud of toxic smog over Britain combined with air pollution blowing in from Europe has caused a health alert, and has been an obstacle to those hoping to get a glimpse of a rare solar eclipse.




Supply chain CO2 questioned

Experts have challenged claims of UK CO2 cuts when looking at the supply chain implications of outsourcing climate impacts.





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