Sustainable Innovations

Innovative approaches to improve sustainability


Levi’s on what’s next for sustainable apparel

Fashions change from season to season. It takes far longer to make over the business behind a $1.7 trillion industry. The good news is that sustainability is more in style than ever, and on its way to becoming a perennial wardrobe staple.





What is the future for sustainable materials in fashion?

For an industry that revolves around seasons, two fibres are popular all year round. The first is cotton, a natural fibre with links to forced labour that is as thirsty as it is in demand, taking up to 2,700 litres of water to make one shirt. The second is polyester, a key driver of the man made fibre market, that depends on now-declining reserves of oil and gas.





A Brief History of Sustainable Fashion

Type the words ‘future’ and ‘fashion’ into any search engine, and you’ll get a stream of results on 3-D printing, wearable technology and e-commerce websites – sustainability is but a mere mention. Yet, the S-word has undeniably made its way into the modern apparel-making process and increasingly influences what lands on runways and store racks.





Forget about cotton, we could be making textiles from banana and pineapple

The cotton production industry is labour intensive and involves a lot of sweat, chemicals and fresh water. Could a number of innovations from natural sources and raw materials compete with the unsustainable product of the cotton plant?


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