Supply Chain Visibility Made Simple

Procurement teams often struggle to access data on their suppliers in quick and efficient ways. However data has never been more important for informing buying decisions, managing risk, and driving improvement through supply chains. Companies are under ever increasing pressure to truly understand their suppliers and stay on top of their performance as a result of recent high profile disruptions and failures such as the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh.


In short, companies are realising their procurement team have been driving blind and more data is need to safeguard their brand, reduce risk, and drive competitive advantage. 



 To address these data access challenges we have now made it even easier to access supplier data in AMEE. We now provide a simple data download tool enabling our AMEE Monitor supply chain clients to access and download all the data on their suppliers in AMEE in on click. The download includes all client spend data as well as the full range of data in AMEE appended to each supplier record including key insights such as turnover, employee count, credit risk, carbon emissions and more.   



 We output the file in a CSV format which enables clients to easily analyse the data in Excel themselves or upload it to other existing systems. 





For new users on AMEE to access this data they would simply need to provide a list of suppliers. AMEE then integrates the data and renders a private secure portal where users can download the data.


To learn how to reduce your data collection costs and simplify data management for your procurement team contact us at

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