AMEE Apple Watch App: Making conspicuous and conscious consumption work together

What if you could check how “good” that company is that you’re standing in right now and see what others think? What if we could then track how that makes you feel?

At AMEE we’re always thinking about how to empower people with data to make better decisions about the sustainability of their purchases. New wearable tech innovation like the Apple Watch open vast opportunities for businesses to engage consumers in new ways. At the same time consumers are increasingly interested in what the businesses they buy from are up to. In a 2014 report Nielsen reported that over 57% of consumers globally are now “willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact”.

So we thought through how AMEE could help capture this convergence and create new opportunities for business resulting in an AMEE Apple Watch App!


 The idea is for the Apple Watch App to integrate existing AMEE data to provide a platform for engagement between consumers and businesses as well as the conversation between consumers about company sustainability. The following shows some of the key features.


 1: Press the button and find local businesses based on your location and see how they rank based on AMEE’s carbon footprint score.



2: View the company’s profile to see its score, sustainability updates, and comments from other consumers



2: View updates the company has posted on its sustainability activities and “like” an entry. 



4: See what other people are saying on AMEE about the company and their sustainability.   



The app allows the high-level data from AMEE, including basic environmental and financial information to be delivered quickly and accurately at the press of a button through the use of simple locational services. We believe this type of easy access to rich data is critical for driving change as Clayton Christensen suggests:


“its not a breakthrough innovation transforming a product that historically was so expensive and complicated that only a few people had access to it. Disruptive innovations makes it so much more affordable and accessible that more people have access to it.”


This is just one innovative way AMEE can build smarter technologies to deliver information so you can make better decisions for you and our planet.


If you want to hear more about the Watch App just ask us on twitter : @ameehq




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