Why we published 100,000+ Twitter Handles on AMEE

Making social more accessible at scale


As we grow our user community has grown now above 6,000 we are getting increasing requests for access to more data on companies to better understand their behaviour. At the same time companies have found AMEE to be a valuable resource to raise awareness. So naturally when we saw these two pieces come together — social and marketing — we thought of Twitter!




To make it ever easier for our users to learn about a business’s activity we have integrated over 100,000 twitter handles onto our company profile pages. Now when you search most large companies on AMEE you will be one click from accessing their Twitter feed.


For the techies out there here’s how we did it, which is not so remarkable for its code but rather for the scale of the twitter handles we gathered using website urls:




This new capability on AMEE is just the beginning. We plan to expand on this integration of social / behavioral data to aid decision making. We’re already see huge interest in integrating this data for supply chain analysis to quickly enhance insight for procurement professionals. So stay tuned!


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