AMEE partnering with IBM for Global #Climathon Hack Event

We’re thrilled to team up with our friends at IBM and its Bluemix Garage Team for the Climathon Hack Event tomorrow in London sponsored by Climate KIC. This looks to be another exciting event bringing hundreds of developers from 16 cities around the world together to find ways to use data to improve air quality and climate in cities. We’re particularly excited that this event helps promote our focus at AMEE of finding new, innovative ways to use data to address climate change and environmental issues both for consumers and for businesses in terms of efficiency, compliance and sustainability. 

Check out their site and follow the hashtag #climathon today and tomorrow on and AMEE HQ’s as well to stay tuned to the new creations we’ll build over the coming days!


Why Is Climathon Important?




Air quality is one of the most important environmental issues today as it affects so many people and can have long term impacts on our health in very costly ways. We’re seen such events increase with frequency and size since our initial climate hackathon in 2012 and our more recent event in March launching the Environmental Data Exchange. As these events have developed we’re building a strong, open source community of developers, designers, data scientists and other innovators to collaborate to address these pressing challenges businesses and our society face. We believe this type of collaboration and innovation will be critical for promoting new solutions in the build up to international climate negotiations and the following work to achieve goals set by policy-makers.




We’re thrilled to be partnering with IBM on this event and much more in the coming months. As data-driven organisations we’re finding common cause in combining diverse data sets, scalable technology, and thoughtful design to develop new solutions. IBM’s Bluemix platform and marketplace is a key example of such development as it empowers developers to create more easily to unlock the power of innovation. This is exactly what we’ve been focused on the sustainability compliance space — using data to help drive better decision-making for business.


What Will We Build?



We’re not quite sure and that is part of the fun and point. However we’ll certainly look to incorporate the vast data we have at our finger tips via AMEE APIs and also utilise the ready development environment IBM’s Bluemix platform provides. We’re also particularly interested in mobile and wearable technology and how to engage and help people benefit from such data to improve their lives and improve their businesses. We’ve been working behind the scenes on a Apple Watch App so perhaps this event will see that come to life. Stay tuned!

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