London’s Climathon in 24 hour hack to solve city-wide climate challenges

Climate-KIC, the EU’s public-private climate innovation initiative, produced London’s Climathon, which ended on Friday at noon. For 24 hours thirty five students, computer programmers, designers, engineers and others competed in teams to create smart apps, software and business models that could solve intractable and worsening climate challenges in London.

Two companies split the 5K Liebreich Foundation Air Quality Prize. Pollupla (AMEE + IBM team)  linked published air quality data with large online property search websites allowing users to rate their potential property purchases according to how polluted the area is. By affecting house prices this would immediately incentivise neighbourhoods to take local action on air pollution.

Nicholas O’Donnell-Hoare from the winning team who works at AMEE said: “The Climathon was a fantastic well organised event with some great inspirational judges. The help at hand in the form of the mentors allowed us to make great well rounded concepts and understand how they might work in the real world with scope to take forward and make some real impact.”


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