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Innovative approaches to improve sustainability


Latest chicken recalls highlight a big gap in supply chain transparency

The US Department of Agriculture announced two major recalls last week – by Aspen Foods and Barber Foods – due to possible salmonella contamination. Sadly, this is just the latest in a series of food crises, and it points to a larger issue in the food retail industry: a lack of supply chain transparency.




Green in the City, perched atop a Tel Aviv mall, uses hydroponics to grow super-fresh vegetables for local restaurants

Tel Aviv restaurants are serving up lettuce that was grown in floating beds of water on the rooftop of Dizengoff Center, in an innovative new urban gardening system




A globalised food supply chain is making risk management for food more difficult

Today ingredients and technologies are sourced worldwide. This leads to greater complexity for food manufacturers and consumer and regulatory demands on companies are continually increasing.




The scandal of the 89m tonnes of food binned while millions go hungry

European parliament urged EU member states to encourage supermarkets to give away the estimated 89m tonnes of unsold food that is otherwise binned. The move comes at a time when public health officials are increasingly concerned about the link between unhealthy eating and food affordability.


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