AMEE Realtime – Making Buildings Smarter

Business Challenge:

In 2009 the United Kingdom’s Technology Strategy Board launched a research program for retrofitting UK housing stock in order to achieve the 2050 target of 80% greenhouse gas emissions reduction by reducing energy demand. The Technology Strategy Board wanted to take a unique approach leveraging innovative technologies to foster new proof-of-concept houses that demonstrate scalable and cost-effective solutions for nation-wide rollout. A major challenge was to establish a platform capable of receiving data from all types of technology providers rather than providing preference to one particular technology.


AMEE solved this problem by developing AMEEconnect Real Time, a robust system to gather, store and monitor data from multiple sensors in hundreds of homes in the project at a 5 minute time resolution. AMEE Real Time captures data from a variety of sensors (e.g. electricity, air pressure, temperature, building envelope) enabling project managers and home owners to analyse building conditions in real time and learn how to better manage homes and reduce costs, energy consumption and environmental impacts.

Key Features

AMEE developed several key new features to support this solution and enable project partners to easily and quickly integrate various technologies. These include:

  • AMON: We developed AMON (AMEE Monitoring Object Notation) as an open standard for metering and monitoring data that has been adopted by hardware partners. AMON enables the easy integration of smart meter device generated data into the platform and is open source making it easily compatible with other formats and standards. Learn more about AMON on Github.
  • Real Time data capture: AMEEconnect Real Time is a distinct highly scalable data storage platform and API that facilitates the collection of large volumes of data from metering devices at high frequency intervals. The API can receive data continuously or in batch transmissions.
  • Storage and Analysis: AMEE structure and stores all captured data in the cloud thereby reducing administration costs and enabling analytics.
  • Multi-tenant Infrastructure: The AMEE Real Time architecture provides horizontally scalable, highly redundant storage and high-performance querying of terabyte-sized datasets.


The Technology Strategy Board worked with the Energy Saving Trust to coordinate engagement with all partners. As a result, we have been fortunate to work with the following great companies:

  • Wattbox provides an innovative occupancy based heating controller that identifies and learns house occupancy, removing the need to set time-clocks.
  • Orsis, part of Revenco Enterprise Company Ltd., specialises in delivering innovative multi-utility metering and monitoring products and services to a variety of industries, markets and end clients.
  • Radio-Tech, part of HMW, produce products for energy and environmental monitoring systems and provides rapid deployment with minimal disruption to occupants.
  • BSRIA are experts in the built environment providing wide-ranging services including product testing and market research that help companies improve the design, build and operation of buildings


AMEEconnect Real Time provides clear benefits for developing and operating high-frequency and high volume data intensive applications.

  • Integrate smart devices into a standardised, comprehensive data monitoring platform
  • Robust, trusted platform for storing and querying large amounts of data
  • Scalable architecture catering to the needs of a diverse range of data providers
  • Easy integration with the AMEE platform providing real time information on emissions related to energy consumption
  • Easily accessible intelligence including simplified raw data presentation to consumers through a front-end web application