DECC + Act on CO2

AMEE provides Environmental Intelligence
for over 1.8 million UK homes

Business Challenge:

The UK Government department, DECC, are dedicated to driving ambitious action on climate change, securing a low carbon energy future and energy saving.

As part of their comprehensive climate policy, their “Act on CO2″ campaign enables any citizen to calculate their personal or household carbon footprint. It provides personalised advice on energy saving and the ability to compare footprints with “people like you” based on anonymous aggregate data.

DECC also defines standards and methodologies which are used domestically and internationally to calculate environmental impacts. DECC’s challenge was managing substantial sets of complex data, and delivering national data services to citizens.


Signed-off by then Secretary of State, David Miliband, AMEE helped the UK Government take its standards to a broad set of stakeholders using the latest “Web 2.0” (API web-service) technologies. The result has been that thousands of users including individuals, charities, Google and Morgan Stanley, have calculated millions of footprints using AMEE.

1) AMEE and DECC work as strategic partners to take Government methodologies to market. DECC defines its standards, and AMEE works with their teams to convert them into a more “technically usable” form. AMEE is a designated distributor of the standards.

2) For DECC’s national “Act on CO2” campaign, AMEE is the complete back-office technical solution. AMEE stores the answers to every question, performs the calculations, and enables personalised recommendations to be computed. Over 1.8 million UK homes have used the service.


  • Over 1.8 million UK homes footprinted
  • Thousands of users engaged in building new tools, services and products.
  • New global exemplar for Government and open-data
  • Eduction: Schools and Universities engaged
  • Business: new product innovation
  • Govenment: re-use between other national and local governments
  • Policy: input into national indicators and policy

Why DECC Chose AMEE:

Accuracy: Using the AMEEsureTM quality process, DECC added a level of assurance around their data, including version-control and time-series computation, that had been impossible using spreadsheets.

Reach: Using AMEEconnect, thousands of stakeholders have been able to access quality data in a structured, repeatable form, with continuity over many years of development.

Scale: AMEE’s on-demand, cloud-based platform removes any concerns about scalability.

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