Business Challenge:

Energeno, a leader in energy monitoring solutions and AMEE have combined efforts to deliver accurate, realtime reporting of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Energeno has over 20,000 systems deployed around the world providing users with elegant devices that deliver meaningful intelligence in a engaging way. Integrating these devices with AMEE’s scalable, accurate and flexible platform will enhance this value for users by delivering environmental intelligence right where they already have it. Energeno is currently experiencing particularly high demand from renewable energy providers who want high frequency information transmission on the perfromance of their power generating assets.


Energeno brings together the most effective in-home energy monitoring solutions, new smart meter technology and powerful, secure internet distribution, to present owners, investors and installers with up-to-date information on system performance wherever they are in the world. Integrating AMEEconnect with Energeno’s devices and back-end systems ensures that all emissions information is accurate and up to date with current standards. Energeno then provides display of this information through its Wattson devices and mobile applications such as iPhone apps.


  • AMEE automatically updates the calculation algorithms as standards change.
  • Delivery of relevant information directly to the end user.
  • SAS customers received 2011 ComputerWorld Honors for Innovation.
  • Quick completed integration between the two services via AMEEconnect.
  • Scalable solution enabling real time transmission of data and flexibility to accommodate high usage growth.

Why Energeno Chose AMEE:

Accuracy: The solution provides trusted data that is always accurate and up-to-date so end users know exactly how much energy they are producing, associated emissions with that production, and the income they are generating through Feed In Tariffs and other subsidy schemes.

Easy to Use: Easy to Use: Energeno’s devices, AMEE’s robust platform and the easy to use Wattson devices provide a scalable solution ideal for customer requirements.

Cost: Energeno’s cost effective devices coupled with AMEE’s low-cost web service provide customers with a affordable solution to access the information critical to their business.

“We are absolutely delighted with Wattson, which is hugely interesting to watch. Shortly after getting it we uncovered a fault with a pump which serves a well in the garden making for extremely high electricity bills. The whole family find it interesting and it makes the children aware of using electricity, both from a cost and environmental point of view.” Customer, Wendy Cook