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Estimate the environmental impact of your travel based on check-ins with foursquare!

We integrated with foursquare, the location-based social networking and gaming site to provide users an estimate of the environmental impact of their travel. It is intended for fun and increasing general awareness and understanding.

How it Works:
Foursquare users “check-in” to various locations via their phone thereby recording where they were in the real world. AMEE estimates the environmental impact by guessing your mode of travel between check-ins, based on the distance between, and then calculates the CO2 associated with that mode of travel over that distance. We then send you a weekly email that looks like this below:

So once you sign up for the app, you don’t have to do anything different from what you already do on foursquare. We’ll send an email every week providing a personalised summary of all your journeys with the total amount of carbon emitted. So you can see how you’re doing and compare different modes of transport to see which is the most carbon-efficient, and how little changes to your daily routine can make a difference to the environment.

The app only provides a general estimate — see our disclaimer and assumptions for more detail.

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