AMEE in Excel

Running environmental data models in Excel? Now you can use AMEE’s emissions factors from Excel functions. 

1. Download this package
2. Run setup.exe
3. Click “Install“, “Allow” and “Continue” when prompted


Once installed, Click “AMEE” in the top menu, then “Find Data Sets”.

Find Data Sets” pops up an window containing AMEEdiscover – search for a relevant data set, and then click the “Generate Data” button. The plugin will then import all the data into your spreadsheet.

Release notes

1. Search window remain open while you edit spreadsheet cells
2. A back button has been added to the mini-browser
3. BUG: Duplicate worksheet names causing exception – fixed
4. BUG: Pagination support for categories & item – fixed

Background and Feedback
David Laing won the Behavioural Change prize at our January hackathon with his prototype for an Excel plugin. Since then he’s been working with the AMEE team to create an open-source release version. Please help us with your feedback using either the forum below, or our dedicated community forum.

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