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Product footprinting is an important area of research. Nobody has really cracked a way of working out the true carbon cost of the products we use. Most of the time it’s worked out after the fact, and the problem rapidly becomes unmanageable.

What if you could have a unique URL that tells you the impact for every product produced, right down the individual packet in your hand?

We believe that if it’s going to be done, it had better be done in a fully integrated way. By instrumenting the production process in sufficient detail, and linking to AMEE’s service, it would be possible to generate a live view of the energy usage for a production line, not just at the factory level, but at the level of individual batches or items.

Our factory demo is a concept for an instrumented coffee production line that provides a realtime GHG dashboard. Supervisors can instantly see the carbon being produced, along with the projected liability under a carbon trading scheme.


Different energy sources can be selected, ranging from oil and grid electricity through to biofuels and onsite solar. Each has a cost effect and a carbon impact. Data is recorded for each batch, and can even be integrated into product labelling, showing carbon per serving, and linking to a page detailing the resources used in production of the coffee.

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