Business & Environmental Data Analyst

Title: Business and Environmental Data Analyst
Location: AMEE’s London Office

The Business and Environmental Data Specialist:

- manages databases and datasets comprised of a combination of time-stamped commercial, government and scientific data
- works with the business development team to support client specific data requirements
- generates data extracts for business analysis with tools such as Excel, statistical, graphing and reporting packages
- maintains and actively supports a culture of data-driven value creation for all stakeholders.

Essential Functions

- Demonstrates technical knowledge of relational databases and SQL
- Maintains integrity of all data operations with audit trail, revision history and back-ups.
- Meticulous, detailed support in documenting and carrying-out procedures, decisions, operations and feedback from multiple stakeholders to improve data
- Careful reconciliation of data definitions and units when updating database with new data sets; careful cleaning of new data prior to upload
- Proactively drives team decisions to improve data quality, usability and analysis
- Conducts analysis and generates reports using a variety of database, spreadsheet, reporting, slide presentation and graphics software
- Creates analysis-ready data sets for research and client projects
- Proactively scans literature and internet for additional datasets that would improve the quality of results derived from analysis on the database, subject to license and commercial terms
- Develops and maintains documentation to support end-users and data partners
- Operates at the intersection of the Science Team, Web Developers and Business Development
- Consistently demonstrates knowledge, skills and behaviors to deliver high service levels and value derived from data to clients, data partners and team members.

Basic Qualifications

- Experience performing data manipulation and analysis
- Clear communications skills that cross information technology, scientific and business domains
- Ability to translate client and business development requests into actionable data analysis
- Desire to work with clients proactively
- Basic understanding of programming principles
- Ability to analyze large complex datasets
- Technical or business degree

Preferred Qualifications

- 1+ years experience with commercial data sets such as financial analysis or credit assessments
- Experience with environmental data such as greenhouse gas inventories, emissions, water or waste data.

How to apply:
Please contact with a copy of your CV, cover letter and link to your portfolio.

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