London Green Hackathon Jan 28/29 2012

A weekend of hacking on climate change, sustainability, energy & carbon emissions

University College London, 28-29 January 2012. This event was hosted by AMEE at the UCL campus with support from a great group of sponsors and a generous donation of support from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB). Check out the presentation of the Best Hack winning team Mastodon below. To see all the presentations click here and to read more about the event visit the Green Hackathon website.

The Winners

The Hack Day judging panel selected winners based on the following categories:

  • Best Hack and Prize recipient: Mastodon. Use Mastodon to select the most efficient and sustainable location for your cloud computing jobs. Continually calculated and updated to give you the confidence that your data crunching won’t destroy the planet.
  • Innovation Prize: Kindle Energy Dashboard. Display energy usage statistics as screensavers on the Kindle when it is “sleeping”.
  • Built Environment Prize: Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Building energy efficiency statistics, with user satisfaction and mapping for visualisation.
  • Transparency Prize: Company Carbon Death Map. Analysis of the FTSE 100 company valuations taking carbon emissions into account. At what temperature do companies become extinct?
  • Behaviour Change Prize: AMEE in Excel. AMEE In Excel is an Excel 2010 addin that tightly integrates AMEE data & calculations into Excel, changing the way sustainability consultants get their data.
  • Visualisation prize: One Tonne. Select and share what you would like to have in your ‘one tonne’ lifestyle. Includes search via Ask AMEE.

Other Presentations

Everyone was excellent, but unfortunately not everyone can win! Here are the other hacks built over the weekend:

  • Greensta. How will your disposable income be affected in the future as you spend more on energy?
  • Is your washing machine rinsing your wallet? How much do your appliances cost you in energy over their lifetime?
  • Localista. Localista is a prototype web service for slow local food, to help build local communities of people that grow, sell, buy and swap food.
  • London’s Invisible Smog. A hack that uses real time data from the London Air project and Google street view to help you see the pollution that is present but invisible.
  • Nanode Ambient Energy Display. A hardware hack to a Rainbowduino 8×8 RGB matrix display allowing it to display power consumption data as big bold colourful graphics.
  • njenje. Chrome browser extension to calculate energy consumption for visited web sites.
  • Play4Decades. A web-based framework that makes games like Climate Leaders accessible to a large audience around the world, using commonly available, browser-based technology.
  • Real Time Carbon Emissions. A visualisation of the actual CO2 emissions from a boiling kettle shown in real time.
  • Realtime National Grid. This hack generates a visualisation of the current fuel mix of National Grid electricity.
  • Retrofit. Retrofit is a tool to explore the effect of different retrofit measures and payback periods.