Our Principles and Values

Lately we have made some major improvements to our data, products, and overall services. As we continue to grow and improve going forward we want to also clearly communicate our principles and values. We believe this will help our community better understand what we’re about and trust in our company now and as we continue to grow.

Here below are our key principles and values — contact us if you’d like to talk about it.


Our Mission

AMEE’s mission is to make credible environmental data on every business in the world easily accessible and useful to improve the efficiency, resilience and sustainability of our economy.

We have entered a new era of environmental volatility driven by climate change, economic change, and resource constraints which increasingly create new risks for business and society as a whole. Concurrently, computing power and the flow of data on the internet increasingly provides systems, individuals and companies greater intelligence to improve responsiveness and decision making.  

We have 5 main values that guide our decisions: Open, Honest, Transparent, Simple, and Respectful of Individual Privacy


We believe open access to information has long been a key driver of innovation and prosperity. The Internet has accelerated this trend by improving the flow of information and catalysing networks for collaboration. We leverage these forces to improve sustainability by creating a unique and open network where organisations can update, compare and share environmental data for free. With history as our guide, we are confident that people and organisations who access more information and use it intelligently will out-perform others and become more efficient, responsible, and resilient.

To the extent that we have rights to the information in AMEE (including database rights), we will licence it under a share-alike attribution licence, allowing free and open reuse. We make data readily accessible via our AMEE API. For more information about the OpenDataBase License (ODBL) click here. Organisations wishing to use the information on a non-share-alike basis will need to pay for a non-share-alike license.


AMEE aims to be an accurate reflection of the official public record, especially company registers. We will always explain from where and when we obtained information and do our best effort, where economically feasible, to obtain the most accurate data possible. Should there be errors in the importing of data from a company register or other public record, in the automatic matching of information to companies, or in user-contributed information, we will aim to correct those errors in a timely manner once we have been notified of them. Where we have modeled data, such as energy consumption or carbon emissions for a company, it is an estimate based on a methodologies we have openly and publicly shared. Where such data or methodologies can be improved by our community we will welcome such inputs and make improvements as quickly as possible.

We believe that transparency and accessibility, by making our data open to all and free and easy to update by companies themselves, will provide for a new and dynamic way to collect and share credible business information.


AMEE aims to make information available on every company in the world — approximately +200 million organisations. The definition of a company varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, includes a variety of different legal forms used for a variety of purposes. We follow the basic principle that a company is a legal entity registered or incorporated by a company register or jurisdiction. We do include dissolved companies as this is an important part of the public record that enables customers, suppliers, and society at large to understand the past actions of companies and of those involved in them.

We take privacy very seriously and fully appreciate that business derive value and competitive advantage from certain business information. Please see our Privacy Policy for a detailed information on our privacy protections for clients.

With regard to business information we abide by the policies and practices prevalent in most countries.

  • For most companies the owners and the directors are often individuals. Most countries make this information public record to avoid fraud, corruption, and to ensure that companies aren’t able to avoid their responsibilities to the wider society.

  • Most countries have a requirement to provide an official address, not least to ensure that legal redress can be obtained. Where directors or companies choose to submit a residential address there is arguably a conflict between the right to know, the right to free speech and the right to privacy. Where there are such conflicts we defer to the Company Register on what information is published about the individuals connection with companies, especially the owners and directors.

  • Should a company register or other public data source remove or redact information about a person connected with the company, because, for example, their personal safety is at risk, we will update or remove the information on AMEE and in a timely manner once we’ve been informed.

  • To remove information that Google or other search engines have subsequently indexed you will need to make a request directly to that search engine. For information on how to make such a removal from Google click here.



Last but not least, we believe simplicity, particularly amidst complexity, has immense value in its ability to communicate, educate, and inspire. We aim to always make our products and services as simple as possible to enable a better experience our community and, as a result, a bigger impact for environmental and economic sustainability.


Respectful of Individual Privacy

We value the privacy of personal information and understand it’s importance to our community. Please see our Privacy Policy for a detailed information on our privacy protections for clients and individual users.

We do not intend to create records on individuals, except insofar as they are registered as a business, connected with a business or other corporate entity on a public document or register, or voluntarily do so via our products. If, for reasons of personal safety, a individual needs information to be removed from AMEE he / she may contact us at help@amee.com and we will address the concern in a timely manner consistent with our policies above.


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